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Simplify Your Branding - From Start to Finish

RedTail Monkey Design Group offers a full creative partnership for your business needs. I provide comprehensive branding solutions from design to print. I will make your next mission be a success story.


Services I Offer

Creative Space

RedTail Monkey Design has a range of services custom-designed to fit your goal. 

  • Graphic Design for Any Size or Format 

  • Printing Production Services for any Media

  • Conceptual Design and Mockup for Office or Retail Space

  • Mockup design for Kiosk or Acrylic Displays

  • Brand Marketing Design and Packaging 

  • Logo Design 

  • Trade shows Exhibit Design 

  • Custom Themed Event Planning

  • Floor Graphics

  • Tapes and Label Printing and Design

  • Print Production Management for Trade Shows and Events

  • Large Format Wall Graphics

  • Die Sub Fabric Printed Graphics

  • Point of Purchase Display 


About Me

I had never envisioned being a creative professional. Graduating with a four-year degree, I could not engage interest in a paper trailing office job. I enrolled in a graphic program to road map my interest in design, a childhood passion. While toiling in a small print house, I acquainted to explore the trade show event industry. Advancing with a high interest in exhibit production, I learned to custom design 3D visuals. The architectural nature of this work created an exhilarating impact on my creativity. Proceeding to a management role for a Fortune 500 Company manifested a new direction in my carrier. I learned to tailor my skills to a new level. Helping deliver impeccable service for projects like Warner Bros, CNET, NBCi, Activision, Lego, and Blizzard, infused new energy and confidence in my work. 


Redtail Monkey is a characterization of my 18 years of experience and skills.  I want to employ this talent to guide my clients. Red-tailed monkey portrays the energy of the imaginative mind and most certainly a woman of color.  Starting this entrepreneurial journey was not an easy choice for a single mom, but I am not in a habit to stop. I proudly embrace my cultural inheritance and, most importantly, my work ethic. When it comes to a new project, I love to identify with clients' needs and guide them to achieve their goals. 


In spare time, I love doodling on a sketch pad. For a sneak peek at my work, I welcome you to visit me at


Opinion Matters

Payal S.

Ritu, thank you for providing us with ongoing creative input. You have been an instrumental part of our journey. 

Nick D.

Ritu, you always amaze me with your talent. With years of experience working with you, I have never been disappointed. You have a high sense of responsibility and commitment. I am grateful to have this partnership. 

Letty A.

You always have the creative energy to transform my request into a visual reality. In the last 8 years, you have helped advance my business goals. You are an essential part of my work. Thank you!


How To Reach Me

California, USA

562 972 6057

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